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Byron Dempsey and Pace Randolph are a dynamic duo, who are podcasters, hosts, presenters, room mates and all-round legends.Byron and Pace began working together back in November 2021, when they created the idea of hosting a podcast and TikTok channel, in which they would exchange outrageous stories and the other person would have to guess if the story was true and false. Within 3 months of launching the podcast and TikTok channel, their following grew a significant amount, reaching over 400K within the first few months. The 'Byron and Pace' channel now averages 5Mil views an episode and recently successfully signed to Acast, one of Australia's leading podcast distributors.What makes this duo so engaging, is not only their skills in creating short, catchy content but their abilities to captivate an audiences attention. Both Byron and Pace come from very successful careers in the entertainment industry, which can be seen in the quality of work they produce.

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