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Ember Artists are an international entertainment & talent management company driving and creating real results for talent across the globe!

With offices in both Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand) we specialise in nurturing & guiding the careers of recording artists, producers, creatives & celebrity talent through strategic planning, utilising over 20  years of industry experience & relationships to create career building opportunities.

We take a no b-s approach to management and value our clients input to create a warm and incubative environment to encourage and sustain real career growth. 

Part of The Phoenix group of companies, Ember Artists represent the careers of Chart topping artists Ben Swissa, Coterie & Rachael Fahim, Producers Howard Eversley, Greg Stace, Red Curl, Banton Bros, JMAP, MJH & Dad's Mayo & Creatives Nathan Lust, The Mailmen, Sunset Dreams, Chloe Callow & Lachlan Sullivan-Carey.

Our teams past success stories include:

* 1 x Australian #1 Album

* 6 x Australian top 10 Albums & singles

* 3  xAustralian independent #1 singles

* 2 x NZ #1 hot singles

* 2 Nickelodeon kids choice awards

* 1 x X-factor Australia Winner

* 6 x X-factor Australia finalists

* #1 highest streamed female country act of 2018, 2019, 2020

* 5 x #1 Australian Country Radio singles

For more information about The Phoenix Group of Company's visit:

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