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The Boho Sisters, Taylor and Ariana Wilcoxson, are a dynamic duo of content creators and models hailing from New Zealand but now calling Australia their home.


With an impressive following of 700,000 loyal fans, the sisters captivate their audience with a tantalizing glimpse into their enviable lifestyle of fashion, parties, and sunshine.


Inspired by the bohemian ideals of freedom and carefree living, the sisters embody the true spirit of the term "Boho", radiating a refreshing energy that encourages others to live life to the fullest.


Whether exploring the vibrant streets of Sydney, soaking up the fashionistic culture of Melbourne, or indulging in the laid-back vibes of The Gold Coast, Taylor and Ariana are always busy curating unforgettable experiences for themselves and their followers.


Join them on their exciting journey and get inspired to embrace the Bohemian spirit within you!

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